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Organisation Took Right Decision

Mookakhera is a remote tribal village in Saldhana panchayat in Harrai block in Chhindwara district. The village has a population of 408 out of which 65 are children. The government has established an upper primary school and ananganwadi centre. But no parent wanted to send his child to the school because of the way the teacher ran the school. The organisation selected the school for education campaign. The villagers had chosen to lead life as it is because of lack of information and knowledge.

Following the guidance of IDYWC the villagers started analysing the problems and seeking their solutions. The awareness drive about education made them enrol their children:  16 girls were enrolled in girls’ bridge course and two girls and 10 boys were regularised to the school. The children started going to the school regularly, but the teacher remained irregular.

In a meeting, the villagers complained about the attitude of teachers and maintained that because of teacher their children were even being deprived of the opportunity of learning household work. Their anger was genuine. But they were told that they themselves could sort out this problem.

In another meeting the teacher was requested to run the school properly, but he did not pay attention. The villagers approached the Sarpanch, who also counselled the teacher, but without result. The Sarpanch conveyed the problem to the Basic Education Officer of the block. The officer gave orders for the inspection of the school. After two days, the inspection was held and prepared a report relieving the teacher of his duties and asked him to report to his office. This improved the teachers’ attitude. An additional teacher was also granted to the school and the classes are now being conducted on a regular basis.

Success achieved after great efforts resulted in increase of trust in people representative as well as in gaining the self confidence of the organisation