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Kuposhan se Suposhan ki aur


Choradongri  is a small village situated at a distance of 4.5 km from Tamiya, the block HQ.  A tribal couple Raju and Sharmila is residing in Choradongri having four children. Rupesh is the youngest child among four children,   age of only 1.3 years. Father Raju is working as labour.
During field visit, Kanslal Bhalavi a project field worker visited local Anganwadi Center and found that the child Rupesh is underweight and came to know that he has been suffering from illness since long. 
In the month of October, Kanslal met  Raju and Sharmila, parents of Rupesh and advised and convinced  them to admit to NRC.  At that time Rupesh’s weight was 6,700 gm  and MUCA was 12.5.    Due to long distance of NRC from their village, the father was not agree to send his child to the NRC but mother Sharmila took a strong stand and admitted her child in NRC with the help of Aangawadi worker on 29th October 2018.  He has been there for 14 days.  He has given treatment.  Now Rupesh gained 300 gm more weight . 
The project team is doing continuous follow up of the child.  Iron fortified biscuits were provided to the child along with an additional support for  growing  Nutrition Garden. 
Accompanying with Rupesh, other four children from project area were considered for follow up.  The project team is continuously providing knowledge about eating nutritious food and motivating them to eat vegetables regularly grown in the Nutrition garden.
Rupesh has gained 7.600 kg in November, 7.900 kg in December and 8.000 kg in January.  Now Rupesh is in  general category.  Both father and mother are happy to have happy and healthy child.