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Ramwati became a vegetable grower and honoured by Hon MP Shri Kamalnathji


Ramwati Yaduvanshi is residing at village Khairy Jinda. Now she is 32 years old. The village is located in Jamai block of Chhindwara district.  The majority of village population is farmer and Ramwati belongs to one of the poorest farmer family having 4 acres of land. She is studied upto 5th class. Having  a capacity to take own decision and strong will power Ramwati is different from other women but her poverty was a main barrier to step forward .
In the year 2013 Prayas Sanstha (IDYWC) entered in the village and started it’s work under ITC’s Mission Sunehara Kal.  According to the guidance received from the members of MSK the village women  formed a Self Help Group on 18/6/2013 and named as “Aadarsh Swa Sahayata Samuh”.  There are 17 women members in the SHG. Ramwati was nominated as the President of the group.
In the regular SHG’s meeting facilitated by the MSK team member, the women discussed so many issues related to inside and  outside their homes and shared ideas to increase their income.  The MSK team members advised them to do  “Organic farming”.  They never heard before about the same.
Earlier the villagers used to do traditional farming in lack of new trends and information about new farming techniques.  They worked hard in the farm but grow a very little crop. The crop inputs i.e. seeds and fertilizers were very expensive, therefore,  it was very difficult for the poor farmers to survive in a low income. The poor farmers were not able to even educate their children nor had access to health and hygiene.  They used to grow Maize and Paddy only which is a low income crop of the area. Technical knowledge about agriculture was lacking among the farmers. 
Finally, in the leadership of Ramwati other women members agreed to start “Organic farming” by growing vegetables with an aim to bring change in the existing life conditions. Initially the SHG took a loan of Rs. 30,000 as revolving fund from MSK.  Ramwati started cultivating vegetables individually by taking a loan of Rs. 2000 from the group.  She sold the vegetable in the neighboring markets and earn good income.   Organic farming, vermi compost and herbal pesticides were used to grow Onion, Brinjal, Chili, Ladies finger and peas and earned Rs. 3500/ by selling vegetables in the local market. 
Ramwati became an instrumental in bringing change in the life of those women who are connected in the group and village.  Ramwati was honored by the Hon. MP of Chhindwara and Ex-Union Minister, Govt. of India Shri. Kamalnath, for adopting organic farming and becoming a model for the village.  Now other farmers in the village are adopting Organic Farming.  The men members changed their mindset and support women. 
Now Ramwati  became able to grow three crops in year.  She has sufficient fodder for cattle, and good earning.  Now they have access to good food and nutrition, educating her children  and a  drastic change occurred in living conditions of Ramwati’s family. Therefore, credit goes to Ramwati  for making other women self reliant and self confident.