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Ramrati adopted goat farming to improve family income


Katangi, a remotest village of Barelipar Panchayat,  situated at the distance of 13 km from Navegaon of Jamai block of Chhindwara district.  The village has a majority of tribal in total 65 households engaged in farming.  They used to migrate to the neighboring district in search of employment.
Ramrati Uikey a 30 years old woman is also living in Katangi having two 3 sons and 2 daughters.  Husband Bhajanlal is also engaged in farming.  They have 2 Hectors of land in total and an average of 36000 annual income.  This income is insufficient for a family of 7 members.
Their farming is mainly depend on rain, in lack of irrigation facility they used to take only single crop and migrated to another districts for employment. The family denied access to good education, health and hygiene due to poverty.  Therefore, they used to take loan from the local moneylenders at the time of emergency at a high interest rate.
“Mission Sunehara Kal” identified this village and organized people under village development committee.   People’s awareness building and informing them about new techniques of agriculture was an initial step of work  of MSK which included Organic Farming, Farm Pond, Self Help Group etc.  and how to make agriculture more profitable.
A self Help Group was formed by ten women of village which was facilitated by the team of MSK. Every member of the SHG deposit Rs. 100/month. They meet in a month and discuss about local issues affecting their lives such as livelihood, marketing, and gender issues. 
Agriculture development is a crucial area work of MSK.  It organize agri. Trainings, orientations and regular information support to the villagers to enhance their livelihood condition. The group shown it’s interest in farming and information provided to them by MSK regarding, Organic farming, Amrit Pani (herbal pesticide), animal husbandry. 
The SHG decided took a collective decision of goat rearing. They took a loan  of Rs. 25000/ - from MSK which was distributed among its members for Goat Rearing.  Ramrati also has taken a loan of Rs. 3000/- from the group.  She bought a Goat.  In few days she had two baby goats.  Ramrati became happy to have 3 goats in total.  She sold the goats to the local trader in Rs. 12000/-and repaid the loan of SHG.
Again she took a loan of Rs. 11000/- from the group and contributed some amount from her own to deepen a well in her farm in Rs. 23000/-in total.  Now she has sufficient water to irrigate their land.  She started growing vegetable besides goat rearing.  She sells the vegetable in the market twice in a week and earn Rs. 700-800/market. The distance of market from her village is very far so it is difficult to go on daily basis.
Ramrati bought a male goat of “Jamuna Pari” breed with the help of MSK and started doing cross to the local goats. She takes Rs. 150 from people who want to do cross with the goat.  Once she heard and impressed with a story of “Mamta” from MDK and got aware about pension scheme, cattle insurance etc.  Now she is taken decision by her own and getting full cooperation of her husband too. 
Ramrati got enrolled her children in school and doing some saving in “Gullak” by reducing some family expenses.   In this way she became able to save Rs. 400-500/month.  They also took an insurance policy of Rs. 12/- and looking ahead for goat’s insurance.
The family income of Ramrati increased as Rs. 6000-7000/month.  Her children are studying in a college for graduation at the nearest city “Damua”. Ramrati is very happy by associating with the group.  The group has a current  total saving of Rs. 48000 and Ramwati a individual has a saving of Rs. 4000/- which she never expected in past.