Institute for Development
Youth, Women and Child

Who We Are ?

Institute for Development of Youth, Women and Child is founded by Mr. Sadiq Agwan in the year 1988 as a group of committed, Masters in Social Work enthusiastic youth , got interested in rural and tribal development  and initiate work in Amarwara and Harrai  blocks of Chhindwara district, the most remotest and backward part of Madhya Pradesh State of India.  The organization got registered under Societies Registration Act and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
IDYWC is working in the field of rural and tribal development and covered more than 500 villages of Chhindwara and Seoni districts. In the initial years the organization adopted service delivery approach with balwadis  and Mahila Mandals (Women’s group) to establish rapport with the community,  later on  a tool of Community empowerment was adopted by the organization to address poverty issues, hard core generic causes of poverty and further it was followed by an Integrated approach of development for local community.

The area has been selected because of its high concentration of Schedule Tribes, the remoteness of villages and lack of adequate government provision in infrastructure or social services, and its backwardness with respect to development indicators such as, Livelihood systems, dependence on labour, land use pattern, livestock, female literary, infant mortality and prevalence of malnutrition among children and Anemia in majority of women

Implementing substantial measures for sustainable development of the rural and tribal community through a process of participation and   facili­tation of the local community for capacity building,  development of local resources without adversely affecting the social,  cultural and livelihood systems of the local community and in a manner which is just and equitable,  thus enabling the local community to manage the process of development with minimal external support and without degrada­tion and over-exploitation of natural resources.   Under capacity and institutional building setting up the ‘Village Development Committee’ in each working village to generate the awareness among people through initial meetings and discussions. Further, strengthening the community through exposure visits, workshops and other public events.
Simultaneously, focus is on comprehensive development in  all  spheres of life,  Social  (education, health), Economic (resource utilization, up-gradation of  pro­ductivity, savings and capital formation),  Political  (aware­ness,  solidarity, representation)  enable each woman in the community to have equal and unrestricted access to opportunities for development'.  Improving access to basic services and infrastructure in rural areas (e.g. adequate shelter, education, employment opportunities, health, sanitation, energy)
We believe that rural development is a process integrated with economic and social objectives, which must seek to transform rural society and provide a better and more secure livelihood for rural people. Rural development, therefore, is a process of analysis, problem identification and the proposal of relevant solutions.
IDYWC is committed to facilitate the process of  bringing  change in the  life of the poor and improve the quality of living leading to greater and effective  control over factors that affect their lives, be it social, economic, or other.

IDYWC envisions a world where people  join together to solve common problems, to educate, to heal, and to work hand in hand with the needy while respecting their dignity, dreams and effort.

“IDYWC aims to organize and empower the most disadvantaged section of the rural and tribal society for sustainable and comprehensive development, leading to improved quality of living.”