Institute for Development
Youth, Women and Child

How We Do ?

Based on an analysis of the situation in the working  area and IDYWC's own experience over the last 3 decades it articulates its strategies to work, the salient features of the strategy  are  :
  •        Develop village level people's institutions popularly known as Village Development Committee   (VDC)at the village level in the process of community empowerment, with special focus on equal and adequate representation of vulnerable/disadvantaged sections such as women.
  •  Work consciously to develop the capabilities of these  ‘Village Development Committee         in analyzing their present situation and find feasible and viable alternatives, leading to their participation in the socio-economic processes which govern their lives.    Enable them to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development program and effectively liaise with an external system, governmental and non – governmental.
  • Recognize the need to concentrate on the empowerment of women given her vital role in the family and community, sensitize the community on the issues confronting women and the need to address these issues.
  •  Plan for sustainable livelihood systems, both on-farm and off-farm, using local resources optimally and availing appropriate technology for significant improvements in the resource base of the community,  addressing issues of equity,  access, control, and productivity.
  •  Enable the communities to function as an active Managers to activate village and Panchayat level delivery systems, especially in case of education and health, addressing issues of access and quality of services, through a process of demand generation and awareness development on one hand and collaborative efforts on the other to develop human capital.
  • Develop linkages with other important players in development in the region to enable the villages to have access to information, technology, finance, markets etc. in the process of sustainable development.
Based on the above strategies the work of IDYWC is broadly categorized in the following sectors.

Livelihood Development:
  • Agriculture development through improved agriculture techniques and practices
  • Skill-building training for youth and women,
  • Micro Credit for Income generating activities 
  • Exploring employment opportunities  for migrant workers
Watershed management and Environmental upgradation
  • Soil and Water Conservation by the construction of earthen check dams, stop dams, field bunding  and developing water harvesting structures for the availability of water and maintain the level of groundwater
  • Plantation  and biomass development
  • Renewal of energy
Women’s Empowerment
  • Legal aid and Awareness building on current trends and challenges
  • Facilitating SHG management and  promoting Dairy, Poultry and Goatary
Health and Nutrition
  • The health sector covers both preventive and curative measures, including school health check-up, antenatal and postnatal care.
  • Improve Nutritional status of targeted individuals with confirmed Malnutrition.
  • Elementary education for Non-School going and drop out children with an emphasis on girls.
  • Active collaboration with the govt. department of education to improve the educational standard of the community.
  • Capacity building of an elected member of Panchayats and empower Gramsabhas for mainstreaming Local Governance.
  • Through a process of transformative Leadership enable  Elected Women Representatives to take part in the process of decision making.

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